The Collection

  • Thurgood Tabby

    Thurgood Tabby

    Personality: Thoughtful, Trusting, Talkative
    Scent: Luscious Orange Cream...

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  • Tallulah Tiger

    Tallulah Tiger

    Personality: Talented, Tireless, Tough
    Scent: Fruit and Fancy...

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  • Pascal Pug

    Pascal Pug

    Personality: Proud, Playful, Positive
    Scent: Vanilla Giggles...

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  • Gizelle Giraffe

    Gizelle Giraffe

    Personality: Glamorous, Gentle, Generous
    Scent: Berry Burst...

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  • Homer Horse

    Homer Horse

    Personality: Humorous, Hopeful, Humble
    Scent: Crisp Apple Breeze...

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  • Reggie Raccoon

    Reggie Raccoon

    Personality: Reliable, Risk-Taking, Relaxed
    Scent: Crazy Caramel...

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  • Paris Poodle

    Paris Poodle

    Personality: Polite, Pleasant, Popular
    Scent: Tutti Frutti...

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  • Tabitha Tigress

    Tabitha Tigress

    Personality: Trustworthy, Timid, Tolerant
    Scent: Fantastic Fruit...

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  • Hadley Hippo

    Hadley Hippo

    Personality: Honest, Happy, Helpful
    Scent: Cool Pepp...

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